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日月音響有限公司,自民國 60 年 創立迄今已屆 46 年。 在這 46 年中,服務不斷更新,業績不斷成長。 自應感謝各界的愛護與支持,亦為我們同仁努力所得到的報償。 日月音響有限公司 為一 歷史悠久、信譽卓越 之專業公司, 目前不管在 客戶服務、技術設備 及 產品數量 上,在業界皆取得領先地位。 日月音響 產品多元豐富,舉凡從 入門至最高階 的音響器材, 更囊括了各類 品牌電視、投影機 等 專業影音劇院組合。 不只滿足了所有顧客在聽覺上的最高標準,更帶給顧客在視覺上全新視野與感受。 日月音響 全新裝潢的的專業音響視聽室,永遠歡迎所有顧客在購買前蒞臨聆賞試聽。 本公司產品團隊經驗豐富,成員包括 : 居家音響規劃師,藝術設計專家,以及劇院系統策劃專家。 本公司經營團隊透過組織良好、經業界實證的規劃流程,妥善發揮並凝聚產品團隊之創造力, 日月音響 在為您做居家設備規劃的同時,更堅持產品品質原則與優質產品售後服務。 日月音響 絕對是所有顧客最值得信賴的優質公司, 敬盼各界先進,親愛的顧客,時賜教益為禱。

Sun Moon Audio Co Ltd was established in 1971, so far have reached 46 years. In 46 years, our service constantly updated, and the sales-growth outstanding.? Thanks for all your support ?and the ?efforts of colleagues obtained. Sun Moon Audio Co Ltd is a long history and excellent reputation professional company, regardless of the current customer service, technical equipment and the number of products in the industry are always in the leading position. Sun Moon Audio Co Ltd has multiple audio products, from entry level to the most high- end audio equipment; video theaters include more combinations of various brands of TVs, Projectors etc. Not only meet the highest standards in the hearing of all customers, but also? bring customers the visual experience and new vision. Our new decoration? audio visual room , always welcome all customers come to buy before enjoying an audition. Our professional experienced team members including :? Home system? Planner . ??Art Design Experts, and Theater System Planning Experts. The company's management team through well-organized, the industry-proven planning process, abundant creativity, providing our customers home stereo equipment suggestion and after- sales service completely. Sun Moon Audio Co Ltd will be your best choice and the most reliable high-quality company. Our earnest hope that your visit will prove pleasant and rewarding to you. ”
Truly Yours
Sun-Moon Audioand All Staffs
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